Google AdWords Example

Below is an example of a Google AdWords campaign that Ad-Extra.Com has created and manage for a company called Spice Thames Valley Ltd. It is an example of a good campaign.

1) One of the company’s keywords is ‘Make friends Reading.’ Our AdWords campaign ranks the ad in position number 1.

2) The ad is simple, to-the-point and includes a call-to-action. This call-to-action is tracked via Google Analytics so we can see the return on our client’s investment.

3) Click the following Google ad to link you direct to a specially created landing page. You can see from the landing page there is a call-to-action; to obtain the customer’s details for marketing purposes.

4) The landing page is interactive, providing the customer with enough interest to stay and look around the rest of the website.

5) The ad also includes links to other specific pages on the website, which relate to obtaining the customer’s details.

6) The landing page also ranks number 2 in the natural organic search due to the Search Engine Optimisation of the website. Another of the website’s landing pages organically ranks at number 3.


Google Advertising