Google AdWords Example

Below is an example of a Google AdWords campaign that Ad-Extra.Com created and manage. The company is called Spice Thames Valley Ltd and is an example of a good campaign..

1) One of the keywords for the company is ‘Make friends Reading’, this brings up the ad in position number 1.

2) The Ad is simple and to the point and includes a call to action. This call to action is tracked via Google Analytics so we can see the return on investment.

3) If you clicked the Google Ad it links direct to the landing page below. You can see from the landing page there is a call to action, that is, trying to get the persons details so they can market there services to them.

4) The landing page is also very interactive, making sure the person visiting is staying on the site.

5) The ad also includes quick links to specific pages on the site which all relate to getting the persons details.

6) The landing page is also coming up number 2 in the natural organic search due to the search engine optimisation of the site. Also one of its sister landing pages comes up organically number 3.


Google Advertising