Google’s New Features

There have been quite a few news stories and blogs recently talking about Google testing new features.

Is this important? – Oh Yes!

The 4 main items that really interest ourselves,

  1. A personalized newsfeed on the main Google search screen.
  2. Auto playing videos on the top/right of searches.
  3. ‘AI’ search.
  4. Google My Business posts.

If you consider all four together it becomes very interesting. Facebook has been king of the personalized feed, and you’ll have noticed more and more news arriving in your Facebook feed. Google will not want to be left behind, and a personalized newsfeed is an obvious way to compete. Facebook also users auto playing videos, yet again Google would not want to be left behind, and some blogs have reported this is been tested. You will notice a lot of white space to the right of any search on Google since they moved the ads away from the side, space is money so it won’t be long before this gets used for something and we have long suspected it will be video.

‘AI’ is slightly different, this is the new search system that is used when people search the internet via there voice, presently a lot of emphasis is based on ‘keywords’ however AI works differently. ‘AI’ looks at all the information it has about a topic or company. This is where the link to Google My Business posts comes in, the more information you can give Google about your business the better, so get posting!
looking at all 4 together, ‘AI’ changes the way we search, could this produce a personalized newsfeed which includes autopay videos? It looks like these three fit nicely together, now ‘AI’ is real and will happen and since it’s based on the information Google holds, you really need to use Google My Business posts and make sure you are telling the world about your products or services.

The above is a quick overview of the blogs and news stories that are hot right now, with all these stories I think we can say with confidence Google is changing. Interesting time!

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