For a lot of businesses, Google Analytics is a way to measure how much traffic their website gets. Many will only look at it occasionally, or just log in to poke around, with only a vague idea of what’s going on with their traffic. But in reality, Google Analytics is more than just a one trick pony. There are dozens of ways you can use this simple bit of software to gain valuable business insights, far beyond just seeing how much traffic your website is getting. Today, we’re going to share with you three, just three, new things you can do with Google Analytics that will change the way you view it forever. And if you want to find out the rest, you’ll have to get in touch.


Uncover Your Top Content

Are you producing a lot of content for your business, and want to know which pieces are performing best? Google Analytics has got you covered. Just hop to the ‘content’ menu, and select ‘pages’ under ‘site content’. This will give you an instant look at which pieces of content keep visitors on your site the longest and lead to them wanting to continue on more pages on your site. You can view this both as a ‘top 10’ style list and as a graph to show you the traffic to each over time, so you can really go into granular detail. This helps you to produce more of that killer content in the future, improving your conversion rates across the board.


Reveal Your Top Conversion Paths

Ever wondered exactly how a prospect turns into a customer once they get to your website? Wonder no longer. With Google Analytics you can look at the journey your visitors have taken through your website, and map out how well each of your channels is working (as opposed to how well you think they are performing. Looking at your top conversion paths in detail in Google Analytics gives you a fascinating glimpse into the behaviour of your users, and the often complicated routes users take between first action and conversion. You can find this by navigating to conversions > multi-channel funnels > top conversion paths. Here, you’ll see the top 10 conversion paths by default, with options to extend the number of rows displayed to offer more and more in-depth analysis. Pretty neat, huh?


Learn What People Are Searching For On Your Site 

When you do your keyword research to optimise your pages, you will probably end up with a big long list of words to use in your copy and meta data to get Google to recommend you and visitors to come to your site. But how would you like to go beyond that and find out what visitors are looking for once they are actually on your website? Google Analytics can reveal all. If your website has a search box, you can perform a search to see the URL of the search results it gives visitors. Once you have this, just click on the setting wheel icon in the top right corner of your Analytics menu bar, click ‘profile settings’, and then ‘site search settings’. In this menu, select the option to ‘do track site search’, and enter ‘s’ as the query parameter. Once you’ve set this up, you can just go into content > site search > usage, and see exactly what results are being displayed to users who search within your site, and what they click on. This will help you further hone your keywording, and give you a good indication of where to focus your efforts.


At Ad-Extra, we specialise in helping businesses make the most of their Google Analytics. From using it to analyse and track web traffic to improving your keyword strategy, Google Analytics can be your best friend, if you know how to use it. Out experts can help unlock these secrets for you to use, or even do it all for you. To find out more about how we use Google Analytics to improve your search engine rankings, just get in touch with the team today.