On one of our recent blogs, we talked about a few reasons your Google Ads might have been disapproved and taken down, and how you could fix the problem. That post was one of our more popular topics, and with new developments around the area, we couldn’t just leave it there. So today we wanted to take it a step further and bring you a few other, less common reasons your Google Ads might be being disapproved, and how to avoid it.


Your Industry

The latest development in Ads policies is a strict crackdown on ads for certain industries, particularly if they mention certain things. Two industries that have particularly been feeling the squeeze include the pharmaceutical industry and the tobacco industry. In fact, Google has published a long list of prescription drugs that are carefully monitored in ads, and even a mention in the wrong place can get your ad banned. If your company is selling or advertising anything on Google’s restricted or monitored list (which can be found here), you need to take extra care to fall within the lines when creating your ad.


You’re Going ALL CAPS

A common technique among business owners is to try and gain attention online by using all capitals. This is particularly common in email headers, and ads, and Google doesn’t like it at all. For example, you might be having a sale and want to promote it – but if your ad text contains all capitals words, like HUGE SALE- SHOP NOW, it will be disapproved, and you will have to change it back to normal lettering. The only exception to this is if you’re highlighting a promotional code (for example: 20% off – use code SAVE20). Google will recognise this and allow it into the ad, but this is the one and only exception.



Over the years many people have tried to trick their way around Googles rules when it comes to ad text, but Google is wise to them all. One of the more common tricks is to use the phrase ‘click here’ in your ad text. But be warned – using this phrase anywhere in your ad text will result in it being flagged right away and disapproved. But Google does recognise that you need to entice viewers to click somehow, so it does allow pretty much any other form of call to action. Try using phrases like ‘shop now’ instead.


You’re Too Excited!!!

Exclamation points in text can be a great tool – when used sparingly. They can convey excitement, grab attention and generate a buzz with your readers. But as excited as you might be for your product, Google probably doesn’t share it. If you use too many exclamation points in your ad, it will be automatically flagged. And by too many – we mean more than one. Google has a limit of one exclamation point per ad, with no exclamation points allowed in the headline of the ad. So choose your placement wisely!


The Roots Are Wrong

This one is a bit technical, but bear with us here. Google policies require that the root domain of your ad be the same as the destination URL. That means your ad needs to lead to the same place it came from. For example, you can’t have catsarecool.com in the display URL, and then use dogsarecool.com for the destination URL. The roots must be consistent, and all point in the same direction.


We know that’s a lot to remember, especially in the heat of the moment while you’re trying to create your ad. Luckily, you’re not in that journey alone. At Ad-Extra, we work with Google Ads every day, so we know exactly what will get you disapproved, and what will give your ad the green light. If you would like some help and support getting your Google Ads approved and performing, all you need to do is get in touch with us today.