Just imagine it. You’ve spent hours setting up your Google Ads account, getting the structure right and making sure you’ve created some killer ads. You just know your images and ad copy are going to convert, so you activate it all and sit back to watch it all roll in. And then… nothing. No spend. No impressions. No clicks. Don’t worry – it can happen to anyone! And chances are the reason your ads aren’t working is pretty simple. In this blog, we go into a few reasons they might not be working, and how you can fix them yourself.


Your Campaign Or Ad Is Paused 

This is the most common issue we see, and luckily it’s one of the easiest to fix. It’s all too easy to accidentally change your campaign status from Active to Paused without realising it, so your first port of call should be to check whether your ads are actually active or not. If they are, you will see a green dot next to the campaign, and if they aren’t you will see a grey dot with two white pause lines in it’. If you spot this, change it to active to restart the campaign and start seeing results.


Your Ad Or Keywords Have Been Disapproved 

In the past we’ve written a couple of blogs about why your ads or keywords might be disapproved. If this happens and you don’t notice, then you might be wondering why your ads aren’t generating impressions. Disapproved ads or disapproved specific keywords can cause a lot of problems for you, so you need to pay attention. Your ads will typically be disapproved is the ad text isn’t in line with Google’s ad text policy, and your keywords will be declined is they relate to any of the prohibited topics, like firearms, drugs, cigarettes, porn, hard alcohol, fireworks and more. Check your ads over and compare them to the keyword guide and help guide to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.


You’ve Included Negative Keywords 

We’ve talked in the past about negative keywords, and why you need to build a list of them when creating your Google Ads. But sometimes you can forget what your negative keywords are, or they end up in a campaign by accident. And while they are great at blocking unwanted traffic, they can also block wanted traffic if you’re not careful – especially when you’re using broad matches. Make sure you review your negative keyword list and make sure you’ve not got any of your negative keywords in your campaigns at any level. If you are, remove them, and you’ll probably see your traffic improve.


Your Keyword Bids Exceed Your Daily Budget

When you set up your ads you will be asked to set a daily budget. This is the total of what you want to spend on ads every day. If you’re noticing that your ads aren’t getting a lot of impressions, then you might be bidding on keywords that are too high for your daily budget. For example, if your keyword maximum cost-per-click budget is set to £4 and your campaign daily budget is only £10, then Google won’t show your ads, as this will exceed your budget very quickly. If this is the case, all you need to do is go in and reassess either your daily budget or the keywords you’re targeting so that they match up.


There Is A Billing Issue 

And finally another simple one – there is a problem with your Google billing. If this happens, then all of your ads will be paused automatically until you sort it out. Usually this is just a case of a card expiring and not being renewed, and is a really easy fix. Just go into your account billing information and confirm everything is correct, and update it if needed. Once it’s all fixed, your ads will all work again.


If you’re still not sure why your ads aren’t working, or just want some advice on getting the best from your Google Ads, that’s where we come in. At Ad-Extra we have years of experience creating, running and managing AdWords accounts for all sorts of businesses, helping you get the most out of your money. If you’d like to know more, our door is always open for a chat and a cup of coffee. Just get in touch with the team today.