Google Analytics is an absolutely amazing tool for businesses. There’s no doubt about that. Almost every business owner I meet has the Google Analytics plugin installed on their website, even if they don’t actually look at it all that often. But did you know the Google Analytics can do more than just track your website traffic? In reality it’s a handy little workhorse, with lots of hidden features that can make a big difference. At Ad-Extra, we don’t think those features should be hidden, so today we wanted to share with you 5 things you didn’t know Google Analytics could do, and how they could improve your online marketing.



Import Data From Other Sources

A lot of people think that Google Analytics can only look at the data from your website and give you insights on that. But while that’s incredibly useful, it’s also very limiting, and means you don’t get an overall view of how your clients are behaving and what’s going on in your business. But did you know that you can now plug things like social media, general marketing, newsletter campaigns and more directly into google Analytics, giving you a single dashboard to monitor your entire digital marketing strategy? Just use the Data Import function to get real-time insights into every element of your digital marketing, and use it to make more educated decisions about your strategy.



Find Out Which Campaigns Bring The Most Traffic And Conversions

Have you ever wondered which of your online marketing efforts is actually working well for you, and which you should probably stop wasting your time on? In days gone by that would have been difficult to find out, but with Google Analytics it’s simple. Once you’ve got everything hooked up and ticking along, just open up the advanced segments. If you haven’t got any advanced segments yet, you can create them by clicking on the advanced segments dropdown menu, and then the new custom segment option. You can then input the places you want to track traffic and conversions from. So for example if you wanted to track conversions from your Google My Business listing, you would enter the URL for that. Once you’ve created your advanced segments, you can view the performance of each one, from traffic to conversion data and even the ROI of your campaign.



Understand What People Are Searching For

A lot of SEO practices are about understanding what a prospect is actually searching for, and not what you think they want. While this can sometimes feel like we’re asking you to read minds, it’s really a simple thing to find out. Google Analytics has a built-in function that allows you to find out what people are visiting and searching for when they land on your site. If your website has a search bar, all you need to do is perform a site search review (which can be found under Analytics-profile settings-site search settings). Google Analytics will then show you what pages people were on when they decided to use the search feature, what terms they searched for and if they found them on your site (and where). This can help you improve your site and keep developing it for a better customer journey experience, and ultimately more conversions.



Rank Your Pages By Popularity

When people visit your website, there are certain pages they are likely to visit more than others. And you probably want to know what those are. Because Google Analytics tracks the page journey of every user who comes to the site, you can see exactly which pages are being visited most often. It can also give you a spread of data showing which page was most popular this month, last month or even last year. This gives you a much deeper understanding of what type of content does well with your audience, and what falls flat. Maybe you’ll find that seasonal blog posts draw in a ton of traffic, but more informational pages don’t. Honestly, the data from Google Analytics practically writes your content strategy for you!



Believe it or not, this is just a taster of what Google Analytics can really do. Powered by the biggest and most powerful search engine in the world, Analytics can be one of the most valuable tools your business has – if you know how to use it. At Ad-Extra, we don’t think we know all the secrets to Google Analytics – but we certainly know most of them, and we help business owners like you get the most out of your Google Analytics. For more information, just get in touch with the team today.