Paid search is a big, complicated world. There is a lot to take in, a lot to learn and often a lot of mistakes to make before you get it right. But it’s also one of the best revenue generators out there for businesses, driving traffic to websites and converting visitors into paying customers. With all those advantages, it’s amazing more businesses aren’t using it! And there’s one industry sector we’ve noticed that just isn’t getting as much of the action as the others. Charities. Charities tend to avoid  AdWords because it is expensive, impersonal and quite time consuming, but it can provide amazing results if used properly. So today, we have 5 ways charities can use Ad Words to boost their online presence, without spending any money.


Grow Your Audience Easily

Every day over 3 billion queries are typed into Google every single day. And for every one, at least 3 Ads are shown before the organic results. With Google AdWords, your charity has the chance to be one of those results and get a slice of the action. Paid search gives you the ability to reach hundreds of thousands more people than ever before. You control the keywords you’re found for, so you can control who sees your ads and bid on the best keywords.


Instant Traffic Generator

Google AdWords are absolutely fantastic as a way of generating traffic. It’s their job. By using Google’s paid search feature, you can have your first campaign up and running in minutes, funnelling traffic to your website based on the keywords you’ve chosen. If you choose them well, you could see an enormous upswing in traffic within days. So before you get started, we recommend you get your website in order, because people will be searching for and finding your site soon with AdWords.


Get Your Free AdWords Credit

When it comes to AdWords, the blog for a lot of charities is the money. Advertising online costs money, and often charities have very small budgets, so that more can go towards their cause. Which is great. But did you know that Google offers non-profits the chance to promote your charity online, completely free? It’s called a Google Grant, and it could be the solution to your budget problems. If you’re eligible, your charity could receive $10,000 (around £8,000) to spend in AdWords every month. This funding is designed to help you get in from of your audience, so that you can use it to drive donations, hire volunteers – whatever you need to do to grow. We run workshops to help charities understand what this grant is, if they’re eligible, how to claim it and how to use it, so if you’re interested, just get in touch.


Learn About Your Audience

If there’s one thing Google AdWords is good for (except for generating traffic), it’s giving you insights into the people who click on your ads. With the analytics dashboard, you can see where your traffic is coming from, search patterns that lead people to you, whether they are on mobiles or desktops, if they converted or not – almost anything you could want to know. You can even see their physical location, right down to the county, allowing you to hone your campaigns for them. This knowledge will help you connect with your audience better, and create campaigns that really speak to them. Charities that use their Google Grant to research their customers and donors tend to see more success in fundraising efforts across the board.


Test And Measure

Making the most out of AdWords is all about experimenting. Testing different approaches, measuring the results and seeing what works. But every time you experiment, it costs money. For businesses who are on a small budget, this means every experiment is a gamble, and it needs to produce some results. But with a Google Grant, you have the ability to test your ad copy, test keywords and even devices, because the money you’re spending is coming at no cost to your charity. This means you can really dig deep and create some fantastic campaigns that deliver real results, without any of the risk that goes with it.


These are just 5 of the benefits charities could see from using Google AdWords. Done properly, it can amplify your online presence, create huge awareness and even boost your donation rate. At Ad Extra, we love seeing charities succeed online, and supporting them on their journey. Yes, paid search can be a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to help you understand it and make the most of it. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with the team at Ad-Extra today and book your free consultation.