As Christmas draws closer, this will be the last post from us of 2019. It’s been an amazing year, full of twists and turns and growth, and now is the time most people look back and reflect. But we wanted to give you a few last-minute tips to help you enjoy a great Christmas, and what better way to do that than with Google itself? So if you’re killing time until the holidays start in earnest, sit back and see what Google can do for you this Christmas.


The Santa Tracker

In the run-up to Christmas this is an absolute must – especially if you have children who still believe in the magic of Father Christmas. If you visit this link you will find a winter village filled with elves, nutcrackers and Santa himself, all ready to play with you. It’s the perfect place for families to celebrate the season. You’ll find all your favourite characters together with fun, educational and interactive activities for every age. It also features a countdown to Christmas, which on Christmas Eve turns into a tracker for Santa himself (and his reindeer) where you can follow him all over the globe as he delivers presents. Santa’s journey lasts 25 real-world hours, with his first stop just after 10pm, local time in Russia, when it’s 5am in New York and 7pm in England.


Talk To Santa

We all know just how much fun it is to meet Santa. To sit on his knee and ask him for all the things you want for Christmas. Even if you’re an adult and have grown out of the tradition, it still gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to see kids doing it for the first time. But now if you have a Google Home, you can actually talk to Santa from the comfort of your own home. Just ask your Google Home to ‘Call Santa’, and you will get a direct line to his workshop where he’s preparing for a musical concert with his elves. But he’s not 100% sure what to play, and needs you to help him choose. You can also call ‘Santa’s Hotline’, where you can speak to the big man in the red suit himself and find out if your name made the naughty or the nice list this year, and tell him what you want for Christmas. So if your little one is worried that their letter won’t make it on time, this is a great way to ease the worry and keep the magic of Christmas going.


Christmas Cracker Jokes

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Cracker joke? They make you laugh and groan, and if you get one of those brainteaser ones they can make you think as well. But if you’ve decided to ditch the crackers this year for environmental reasons, you can still get the experience with your Google Home. Just ask it to tell you a Christmas joke, and you can all enjoy an endless stream of bad cracker jokes that will have you rolling around on the floor by the end of it. Google Home can also sing you Christmas songs and control your decorations, so you can have a hands free Christmas this year.


So, that’s just some of the festive fun you can have with a Google Home, a Google Assistant or just traditional Google itself. Every year Google tries to outdo itself and bring you more Christmas cheer, so no matter what your Christmas looks like, it can be full of smiles. So, go ahead and enjoy yourselves! And from all of us at Ad-Extra, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!