Google my Business Post Performance

Since Google first brought in the ability to post articles to Google My Business, we’ve pretty much been left in the dark. While Google Analytics gave us detailed, blow-by-blow information about how well your blog posts are optimised, how many people have read it and even where your readers came from for your website posts, it felt a little bit lacking when it came to Googles own posts. But now more! Google has finally announced that it’s launching reporting and analytics capabilities for all of your Google My Business posts. And we, for one, are excited!


Google Post Analytics 

 So what’s it all about? Well, first off, if you don’t know already, Google My Business is a platform that allows you to post content directly onto Google, which then appears highly in ranked Google searches for your company name. You could post articles, event information, even post pictures and updates You’ve been able to do this quite a while, and you can post as many times as you like with new articles. But there’s a catch – the posts only last for one week on mobile devices and will only show up for longer on desktop searches. And you had no way to track if they were actually bringing traffic into your site, which meant a lot of budget conscious and SEO minded people struggled to see the benefit. But now, Google has announced a service called ‘Post Insights’, which is their name for their analytics program. Using Post Insights, you can see how well your Google My Business posts are performing. This includes granular data on view and clicks on each of your posts, and will be available even after the post has ‘expired’ on mobile devices. Google has said that the new reporting will show you data for:

  • Individual posts
  • All posts from the last week
  • All posts from the last month


So How Do You Do It?

That all sounds well and good, but how do you actually do it? After all, Google Analytics can take some time to get your head around, so will Post Insights take just as long to master? In theory, it should be much easier, especially as Google have posted a comprehensive help document to explain how to manage it all from the summary page:


“Your summary shows your views, clicks, and the percentage change using a rolling period. The rolling period is the last 7 or 28 days, and can have a delay of up to 3 days. When looking at this summary of your Post Insights, you’ll see data from last week that’s being compared with the week before.


If any of the following occurs, your percentages won’t show in the summary:

  • Your posts received no views.
  • You don’t have any posts.
  • Your percentage change is over 99.99%.”


Sounds pretty straightforward, right? But how do you take that data and understand what it means? Well, let’s look at a few examples of how you can interpret the data from the Post Insights summary.


Example 1: You’ve been using Google My Business to share content with your customers regularly. You see that your summary says your impressions have increased by 20%. You want to create more of this kind of content to attract more prospects, but you need to know which of your posts is performing the best. To do that, you head on over to the individual post insights by going to the posts tab, and clicking on each post you want to look at. From here, you can see exactly how many impressions each post got and when, so you can replicate your success.


Example 2: Let’s say that today is the 17h of August. Your summary displays the percentage of changes based on the first week (the 1st -7th) and compared it to the second (8th-14th). If you can’t see any percentages, it means your posts got no impressions or clicks, or that you didn’t post anything during that time. It could also mean the difference between the two is too drastic, and will take more time to analyse.


At Ad-Extra we’re really excited about this new announcement. It gives us a way to see exactly how well the posts we provide for our customers are performing, and shows us where we could be improving them too. Like everything in the marketing world, analytics are the perfect tool to help businesses understand, experiment and adjust their plans to better suit their customers. In the long run, businesses who engage with Post Insights on Google My Business are likely to see far better results. If you’d like to find out more about Post Insights, or Google My Business in general, just get in touch with us today.