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What can you expect from AdExtra?

  • Initial enquiry/discussion (free of charge). Is Google AdWords management the correct tool for what you want to achieve?
  • Setting up of your AdWords campaign or reviewing an existing campaign.
  • Google AdWords management will continually manage your AdWords campaign to achieve your required business goals.
  • On-going reviews to keep you ahead of your competition.


Setting up your Google AdWords campaign

Initial meeting: face to face or by telephone/skype

  • This initial meeting is crucial for AdExtra to fully understand your business and its goals.
  • Establish what you want your Google AdWords campaign to achieve. This may be product/service awareness, sales or a return on your investment.
  • Establish what is already in place; e.g. is there an existing Google AdWords management campaign which needs reviewing?
  • Identify what you don’t want; this is as important as what you do want.
  • Determine positive and negative keywords. We will review yours and your competitors’ websites to identify which AdWords are being used.
  • Determine which AdWords to use and any action required, e.g. if you want someone to buy your products, we can include this in the campaign. After all, if someone clicks an ad that says ‘buy’, you are already attracting those ready to buy, and not wasting money on general browsers.
  • Advice on landing pages for AdWords to send your potential customers to; this needs to reflect the keywords, the advert and call-to-action. Customers search for specifics; arriving at your home page means them having to search for that information themselves. Arriving at the correct landing page means they have the correct information, instantly.
  • Set up Conversion Tracking from your business goals, enabling you to track the success of your ads and ensure your customers are doing what you want them to do; e.g. buying a product or service.
  • Decide on a budget.
  • We will arrange a further meeting before your campaign goes live to ensure we have understood your business and to achieve your business goals.


Google AdWords management

Initial meeting: face to face or by telephone/skype

  • AdExtra will manage your whole campaign. We will review the success from the received data and how it is performing.
  • Keyword management; we will increase or delete keywords where appropriate. We will determine which keywords are producing results and enhance those keywords which are producing clicks and conversions.
  • Review the search terms that are bringing customers to your website. Some keywords may need to become negative, others may need to become positive.
  • Reports will be produced so you can increase the appearance of positive keywords on your landing pages to increase website traffic.
  • Add or amend negative keywords to stop unwanted search traffic.
  • Add, amend and rotate ads to ensure the ads which are producing results always show highest in Google searches.
  • Review the cost for each ad/campaign and amend as required.
  • Review the budget to make sure your business goals are working for your investment.
  • Produce monthly reports to keep you fully informed of your campaign’s progress.
  • Set up and track the conversions as per your business goals and amend as required.
  • Set up Google Analytics to add an extra tool for tracking your website’s traffic.


AdExtra’s Google AdWords management campaign offers a fully comprehensive service. Plus, with Google AdWords reporting system we can easily see if you are getting the required return on your marketing investment.