How To Advertise On Google


Google advertising is a great marketing strategy for business owners of all sizes. You can show an ad for your business to people who are actively searching for your products or services at that very moment. And now thanks to their constant refinement, you are able to target just those customers in your area. This type of targeting alone makes Google a very attractive option for SME’s.

For many years, the best way to advertise on Google has been through Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the paid advertising feature offered by Google themselves, allowing business to run targeted ads to their users. This in turn helps increase website traffic and leads to a higher conversion rates. When Google is the highest ranking search engine in the world, Google AdWords is, without a doubt, the most cost effective way of getting your business out there.


Google Adwords Help


Google AdWords management can be a difficult area to navigate, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you’re a business looking to hit the ground running and build up your website’s traffic with Google search ads, you may need some Google AdWords help. Our Google extras can show you how to advertise on Google effectively and make a real return on your investment from the very start. Whether you need some one to one training or ongoing Google AdWords management, a little support can go a long way.


What Can You Expect From AdExtra?


At AdExtra, we provide a customised Google AdWords management service for our clients. With our help, you can run cost effective, high return advertising campaigns. When you engage with our Google experts, we will:


  • Manage your whole campaign, reviewing the success from received data and how it is performing.

  • Manage your keywords on an ongoing basis. We will increase or delete keywords where appropriate, determine which keywords are producing results and enhance those keywords that are producing clicks and conversions.

  • Review the search terms that are bringing customers to your website. Some keywords may need to become negative, and others may need to be positive.

  • Produce reports so that you can increase the appearance of positive keywords on your landing pages and monitor your campaigns progress.

  • Add, amend and rotate ads to ensure the ads that are producing results show highest in Google searches.

  • Review the cost and budget for each ad or campaign and alter if required.

  • Set up and track conversions.

  • Set up and integrate Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic.


AdExtra’s Google AdWords management campaign offers a fully comprehensive service. Plus, with Google AdWords reporting system we can easily see if you are getting the required return on your marketing investment.