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What Is Google Analytics?

Put simply, Google Analytics is a tool to help you track, measure and report on traffic to your website. It is designed to work best for small and medium sized businesses, and each feature has been tailored to help those businesses understand and use their web traffic effectively. Using Google Analytics, you will be able to see exactly who is visiting your website, what pages they view, how long they view them for, what they click on and what other actions they take. All of this information can then be turned into a report that not only acts as a tool for your sales team, but helps you measure the success of your website at every level.


That’s why Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytic tool on the Internet.


Why Should I Use Google Business Analytics ?

If your business has a website, you need Google Analytics. It really is that simple. Google Analytics is the perfect tool for business owners who want to track traffic to their website and measure their online presence. Using Google Analytics, new opportunities will be opened up to your business, thanks to a higher level of prospect visibility. It can also help you fine tune your marketing efforts, since you can see exactly how people found your website and where they were directed from. But best of all? It helps you make the most out of your online investments at every step.


What Can AdExtra Do For You?

AdExtra are your Google Analytics partners, on hand to help you with every single aspect of your analytics journey. Whether that’s setting up your very first account or understanding what the reports mean, our Google Analytics experts can guide you through the process. Or, if you don’t have the time (or the inclination), AdExtra can do all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy Google Analytics advanced features without the hassle of managing it yourself.


Our outsourced Google Analytics service includes:


  • et up your new Google Business Analytics account, or review your current account.


  • Ensure all settings are correct. We will also create bespoke setting that make sure your account is working properly with your website and tracking the right things.


  • Establish what information is important to you and create a custom report structure.


  • Produce a monthly report from Google Analytics.


  • Link your Google Analytics to a Google Console, which will allow you to see which search terms are being used to show your website in Google’s organic listings.


  • Link both of these to your Google AdWords account to create an integrated approach to paid SEO.