Adding Additional Information to Google My Business Listing

Google recently released a new update to Google My Business, however it not the easiest to find and update.

Basically, you can add new selection attributes to your Google My Business listing, an example would be “No kosher Food”, “Some Kosher”, or “outdoor seating”. It allows you to be more specific about the services/products you offer.

We noticed over the past few weeks that as we contribute (as a local Google guide) to business listing they have been asking more questions, now we know where this information is going and how you can update yours.

The minor problem is that they are not easy to add to your Google My Business listing. You will need to download your business listing into a spreadsheet, then add the special attributes into the corresponding fields. (If you don’t see any than your business category does not allow them). Then upload the spreadsheet again.

As I say not a simple procedure, but it’s a start and no doubt it will become easier.

As ever just shout if you need help.

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