Google My Business Q & A

Q & As on Google My Business

Yes, Google has added ‘Questions & Answers’ to Google My Business listing on Google Maps. Please see pic.

The idea seems to revolve around a similar concept to Amazon, that is, people can ask questions and answers can be left, also the company owner can upload FAQ’s.

We don’t really know what impact this will have, it could work really well if the questions and answers are good and help drive sales. However, the reverse could happen and the question/ answers could be negative. We believe Google are putting save guards in place for this eventuality, but until we can see exactly how it works we can only speculate.

The one proviso is that it is only available via Google Maps on android, which shows again how important the mobile world is becoming.

I keep saying this, Google My Business is becoming more and more important and it seems I’m writing about a new update every week. Don’t get left behind, come to one of our workshops to hear more how you can take advantage of your local Google listing via Google My Business.

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