What is Google My Business?

If you have not already done so, get your local business listing with Google via Google My Business. The listing allows you to keep control over how Google presents your company in Google search and Google maps. If you need help look here: https://www.ad-extra.com/google-my-business/

We wrote about Google Posts last week, and how important they are to tell your potential customers about your business and events. https://www.ad-extra.com/google-posts-good-example/

This week they have added Google My Business Messaging in the USA, this function allows you to communicate with your potential customers via text, an interesting development.

Imagine someone searching for your products or service, but needing a little help. They don’t want to call because they are in a busy place, and can’t be bothered filling out a web form which could take a while to get a reply. They can now simply text, make sure you reply promptly and chances are your conversion rate will saw.

At present this feature is only available in the USA, with Brazil and India next on the list. We can’t see a date for a release in the UK, however we are reasonably confident it’s only a matter of time until it is released in the UK. We will notify you when its available in the UK. In the meantime, don’t forget to post on Google, if you need help: https://www.ad-extra.com/google-my-business/

Google My Business is evolving fast, don’t get left behind.

Dominic Renshaw

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