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Ask Yourself 5 Questions

  • Do you want to turn Google Shopping into a revenue stream for your business?

  • Do you want to appear at the top in searches by prospects who are actively searching for your products?

  • Are you more interested in targeted Google Shopping Ads that generates results, rather than broad marketing with no provable income?

  • Do you want to see a real return on your investment?

  • Would you like to know exactly how your Google Shopping Ads are performing on Google, so that you can maximise your investment?

Book Your Free 1-2-1 Google Shopping Campaign Review

Your free 1-2-1 review of your Google Shopping campaign’s performance will be with a Google Shopping certified individual who will analyse your Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping campaign and talk through the below.  As this review is with a real person you will be able to ask questions to gain a better understanding.

  • Product inventory: Does it contain the right information?
  • Product imagery: Is it optimised?
  • Data feed: Is it set-up correctly?
  • Google Merchant Center: Is it set-up correctly and optimised?
  • Are you using the correct CSS (comparison shopping service)?
  • Google AdWords account: Is it linked to the Google Merchant Center and working correctly?
  • Google Shopping campaigns: Are they optimised?
  • Shopping campaign: Are the bids correct, and targeted correctly?
  • Are your Google Shopping Ads tracked by Google Analytics?
  • Are you getting a return on your investment?
Fantastically fast support from Dominic this morning, sorted our Google Business pages out in half and hour so I can now get on and post. He also gave some great advice on what data to capture and measure on Google Analytics. Highly recommend.Deborah Whiteley25th September, 2019
Dominic and his team have been responsive to our needs of our business, they are knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. highly recommended.Tom McEwan17th July, 2019
Excellent overhaul of our Google advertising campaign, creating a good structure for a complex overall campaign and great attention to detail on an ad-byad basis. Excellent strategic advice also. Many thanks!Walk the Storm25th March, 2019
If you want to understand Google My Business and know more around how Google can benefit your business then speak to Dom as he will deliver the information in a clear & concise manner and really help you understand how these tools can help power your business.Alex Harding13th February, 2019
When it comes to all things Google - Dominic is the man to talk to!l slocombe11th February, 2019
Very helpful and professional serviceAbbeygate Locksmiths TV23rd January, 2019
Brilliant! I now totally get it and Hazel was amazingDani Boyd Waters10th July, 2018
I attended the ‘How to get Google to love you’ workshop hosted by Ad Extra. It was an eye opening experience with Dom sharing many valuable tips and advice. I would recommend anyone in business attend one of his workshops. There is something for everyone whether you want to try managing your own SEO and Google advertising or if you simply want a better understanding of what will be important for your business and gain a competitive advantage. Thank you Dom, this not only allows me to implement these great techniques into my web activity but means I can confidently refer you to clients moving forward who will benefit from your expertise.Dougie16th March, 2018
Dominic has been great has helped us fix our campaign and we are doing great so farTahir Hussain21st December, 2017
Google, since working with Ad Extra, has become our main source of new business. Dominic interacts with us as little or as much as we need to carefully tune our Google settings to attract as much interest in the specific geographic regions as we need. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ad Extra to anyone looking for more business!Luisa Keig11th December, 2017
I have worked with the team at Ad-Extra on a few projects and with a few clients now and can't fault them. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they are great to work with. Open, clear, honest and upfront. 100% trusted, highly recommended.Pippa Loveridge12th November, 2017
I attended a workshop on Google My Business recently, and I can honestly say it was a fantastic experience. Dominic was incredibly knowledgeable, provided a lot of information and tips and answered a barrage of questions with a smile. An essential course if your are looking to win business locally. I could not recommend him highly enough!Charlotte Haye24th October, 2017
We use Ad-Extra services for a few of our businesses, could not recommend them more. Super Friendly and Great knowledge about how to build an online presence.Adam Middelton19th October, 2017
I have worked with Dominic and also attended attended some of his training courses and always been amazed at the professional way they work and the great results they deliver .Definitely recommend them !Rob Donnelly13th October, 2017
A great training session on Google Adwords, many thanks Dominic.Lisa Vassallo, One To Three Marketing Solutions12th October, 2017
Made the navigation of my adword campaign a lot smoother than I had anticipated, onwards and upwards, thank you for assistance it is appreciatedMaya Hale Holidays22nd May, 2017
Ad-extra are extremely helpful and use professional methods to fulfil your goalsJohnathan Rowles21st March, 2017
I have worked with Dominic and the team for more coming close to a year now. The work he has done has transformed my presence on line. Responsive and cost effective. It really is five stars.Graham Holtom13th July, 2016
Ad Extra Ltd were fantastic in helping us improve our google search results. After a very short time we were already noticing a massive difference in our organic and paid results. In return we were receiving so many more enquiries. We are still working with them and the results are always getting better and better!Dan Tridini22nd June, 2016
Just started to work with Dominic at Ad-extra and have been very impressed with the responsiveness of the service and how hassle free the process has beenPeter Neighbour2nd June, 2016
Have had Dominic and team working on analytics and ads and the service has been excellent.Dale Bevington31st May, 2016
We have been using Ad-Extra for our google AdWords for over a year. We have seen the number of enquires increase substantially. I would not hesitate to recommend Ad-Extra.Ben Dawes31st May, 2016
david eddins31st May, 2016
Book Your Free 1-2-1 Google Shopping Campaign Review

Did You Answer Yes?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. At Ltd, we specialise in helping retailers make the most of Google Shopping Ads so they can get a return on their investment. Our team of experts are on hand to help you navigate the deep and treacherous waters of Google Shopping Ads, from setting up your product feed to the Google Merchant Center, optimizing the product information, creating and managing the Google Shopping Ads and advising on your products’ performance on your website.

Talk To AdExtra Today

At Ltd, we are firm believers in the personal approach. When working with us, you will be speaking to a real person who will make it their mission to get to know your company inside and out. With over 9 years of experience in Google Shopping Ads, we can guide you through the process and get you on the fast track to seeing real results from Google. We also believe in both the holistic and analytical approach, which is why we work with a wide variety of strategic partners who share our standards and values.

How Do I Get My Products Listed on Google via Google Shopping Ads?

As a retailer you can use Google Shopping campaigns to find quality leads for your on-line store and shop. Your ads will show on Google alongside others who sell the same or similar products. The customer looking for the product can click your ad and be taken directly to the product inside your online shop so they can purchase it straight away.

A Simple Guide – How Does Google Shopping Work?

  • First you need a product inventory. Anyone selling products online via a website has one of these. If you have a high street shop, you should still have a product inventory that can be used.
  • The product inventory needs to be sent to the Google Merchant Center. This can be done manually or automated and is known as the ‘feed’. The feed is the first of three very important factors that can make or break any Google product advertising.
  • The Google Merchant Center checks all your product information is correct and identifies what is missing so this can be corrected. The Google Merchant Center is the second extremely important factor in this process.
  • From the Google Merchant Center you need to send the data through another interface known as a CSS (Comparison Shopping Service), Google has its own, (Google Shopping) and there are many others to choose from. The CSS is a comparison tool, giving you a choice and stopping Google having a monopoly. There are pros and cons to using Google CSS and an independent CSS (see below).
  • Once the data has passed through a CSS it goes into Google Ads, known as Google Shopping Ads. This is the third important factor for Google product advertising. This is the software used to organise the data so they can become ads that are shown on Google search.
  • Once the ads are showing on Google (Google Shopping Ads) potential customers can click on the relevant ads, driving traffic to your on-line shop and/or your high street outlet.
  • Use Google Analytics to track the Google Shopping Ads and your website so you know if you are getting a return on your investment.

Important Tips for Google Shopping Ads

  • Google uses the information from your product inventory to determine when your ads are shown. It is crucial that your product inventory is organised with the right information and good product descriptions. This is where a Google expert is essential; they will look at the product inventory data as it is exported into a feed and optimise this feed before it arrives in the Merchant Center. This is where Google experts are different; because you speak to the expert on a regular basis they will show you what changes they have made to the feed and what effect this has had. As such, some of these changes can also be implemented on your website. This helps you understand how small changes can have a large effect on your investment in your advertising spend, but you also get the benefit on your organic traffic – it’s a double win.
  • The Google Merchant Center will highlight any problems with your product inventory. It is crucial to fix these or your account may be suspended and it can take a while to get the suspension lifted.  At our Google expert can help to ensure everything is correct on an ongoing basis.
  • Google has had to open its advertising platform to other advertisers. Comparison shopping services (CSS’s) have been created, which do the same job, simply acting as comparison tools for products.
  • The Google Shopping CSS takes a percentage of the bid. Many independent CSS’s claim that you will see a percentage reduction in your bids if you use them. Whilst it is true that you may save on your bids, there will be a percentage cost or fixed cost for using an independent CSS.
  • The biggest impact on how much each bid costs is the optimisation of your product inventory feed. This will have a far bigger impact than simply using an independent CSS.
  • Google experts will make sure the information is optimised and will talk you through the changes needed to the products on your website, so you gain from the advertising as well as from the organic searches to your website. We are unaware of any CSS that recommends changes to the products on your website.
  • Using the Google Shopping Ads interface ‘Google Ads’ means that you are in complete control of your ads and products; you decide what needs to be done and when. If you want to move to another company at any stage your account is yours and you won’t lose any of the valuable data that you have paid for.
  • The Google Shopping Ads interface is similar to any other software; if you use it regularly it becomes straightforward, if not it won’t work very well. Getting an Google expert to run this for you will save time, money and in the end give you a return on your investment.
  • Google Shopping is also by far the largest of any of the interfaces so we would personally recommend you use it; independent CSS’s makes up only a tiny proportion of the ads shown on Google.
  • Using Google Analytics allows you to see exactly where your sales come from and enable you to optimise both the ads and your website, enabling you to gain a return on your investment.

If you want a personal service putting you in control of your product advertising on Google, then book your free 1-2-1 Google Shopping campaign review today.

Book Your Free 1-2-1 Google Shopping Campaign Review

Our Guarantee To You

  • You will deal with a real person.

  • They will personally get to know your company.

  • The service will be flexible and tailored to your company.

  • The service will be professional, honest and reliable. Ltd Google Partner Certification