Making Google Work For You

Google is an undeniable part of our lives. We rely on it as a source of information and truth, it’s apps help us live more effectively at work and at home, and now it’s integrating with our home lives, thanks to inventions like the Google Home smart assistant. It’s even become a common phrase – ‘I’ll just Google it’.

But do you understand how it really works? The more Google grows and expands, the more things there are to keep track of, so it’s easy for business owners to fall behind on the latest developments. But as we move even further into the digital space, business owners don’t have a choice any more. It’s keep up or be left behind.


Google Training Course

But you don’t have to do it alone. At AdExtra, our experts run a variety of Google training courses designed to help business owners make Google work for them. It’s time to stop chasing your tail and start making the most out of the world’s most popular search engine. Our sessions include advanced Google training on Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Google My Business, along with other courses on Google that can help you understand how everything works.

All of our Google training courses are designed and delivered by our team of in-house Google experts, all of whom have a long history of working with Google and delivering informative, engaging training courses. We deliver group training workshops, as well as one on one training to help you fully understand your chosen course on Google as much as possible. If you would like to find out more about how our advanced Google training works, or want to book on to one of our Google advanced courses, please just get in touch or click the relevant link below.


Training avenues to help your business excel

Google AdWords Training

Google AdWords

Comprehensive Google AdWords training. Are you or your team looking to understand Google AdWords?

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Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics

Comprehensive Google Analytics training. Are you or your team looking to understand Google Analytics?

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Google My Business Training

Google My Business

Comprehensive Google My Business training. Are you or your team looking to understand Google My Business?

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