How can I get my business to appear on the map when someone searches on Google

Google My Business and Google 3-Pack – Very Important

You keep seeing your competitors appearing on the map when you search for a product or service you offer. How are they doing this?

The map is known as Google 3- pack and generally appears just below the Google Ads when you search for a local service or product.

So what factors help you appear in this listing? Google has a complex algorithm for this, however just doing the two simple things below will get a head start on your competition.

  • Claim your Google My Business listing and make sure its set-up and updated correctly.
  • Get Google reviews, it noticeable that local firms with more reviews tend to appear higher on the listing than those with less review. Not always the case, but noticeable that on average they do.

The above are simple things you can do and they should be part of your on-line marketing strategy.

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