Text Messaging via Google My Business

It’s not going to be long before this feature comes to the UK.

Just released in the US, people can now text your business direct from your Google My Business listing.

Why is this important?

Someone looks on Google, sees your Google My Business listing and simply clicks ‘text’. If your Google My Business is set-up correctly you will receive this text on your mobile and be able to be able to answer your potential client in second. Close the sale!

How can I take advantage of this?

Simply keep an eye on our blog and we will notify everyone once it goes live.

There is no release date yet for the UK, but if its gone live in the US its not going to be long before it arrives in the UK.

I’ve not seen the feature yet, but I’ve heard you should also be able to link it to your CRM system.

Dominic Renshaw

Ad-Extra.Com Ltd


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