Website Landing Pages

  • Creating the correct landing pages can be a very cost effective way to increase potential customers to your website. Landing pages can be used for people visiting from anywhere; search engines, Google AdWords and links from other websites.
  • Creating the correct landing pages that relate to your AdWords campaign is essential. It is pointless paying for AdWords that don’t appear on your designated landing page. Try clicking some ads in Google to see how many opportunities are being missed because this simple step has been overlooked.
  • By creating optimised landing pages, search engines will pick up on the importance of your message and what you are trying to achieve. Interactive landing pages which encourage potential customers to look around the rest of your website enable search engines to capture this activity, in turn impacting on where your web pages sit in general searches. Being ranked on page one is essential. How many people click past page one on a web search?
  • Keep the landing pages simple. Too many distractions on a page; video, pictures, etc. will slow down the loading time. How often have you closed a website because it has taken too long to load?
  • Keep the flow of the site simple. If you want potential customers to enquire, don’t hide your contacts page. A good example is here, top right. We want potential customers to contact us so we can explain the benefits, so our contact details are given on every page.

What you can expect from AdExtra

  • Advice on the creation of landing pages to optimise links from other websites.
  • Analysis of your business to highlight which areas need specific landing pages to raise your position in Google rankings.
  • The setting up of Google Analytics to enable you to monitor the performance of your website and landing pages.