Whether you’re a bricklayer, a doctor or an accountant, we’re willing to bet you use tools. They will probably look a bit different depending on your industry and specialism, but whatever they are, they will be the thing to help you do your job properly. There’s nothing a skilled workman (or woman) can do without tools. But when it comes to digital marketing, there’s a lot of tools to choose from. So the question is, what should be part of your essential marketing toolkit, and why does it deserve it’s place there? We’ll be doing a whole series looking at the different elements of the marketing toolkit, and today we want to kick off that series by talking about Google AdWords.


Increase Awareness

Google AdWords is one of the best tools out there for online lead generation. When paired with Google Analytics, you can trace exactly where a lead has come from, along with almost anything you want to know about who that person was. If your campaigns are set up properly, your AdWords campaigns have the potential to send highly targeted leads to your website by letting you focus on people who are actively searching for what you have to offer. If you break your ads down into specific products or services, then you increase the likelihood that your ads will be seen by those people, and hopefully clicked on. If the landing pages your ads lead to are well written and compelling, then conversions are pretty much guaranteed.



Flexible Marketing At It’s Best

Anyone who uses Google AdWords regularly as a way to generate leads for their business will tell you that it’s an extremely flexible marketing platform. One of the most forgiving, easily adjusted and versatile platforms out there, actually. It works for any kind of business selling any kind of product or service anywhere in the world. You can adjust absolutely everything to do with your campaign, choose the exact price you want to pay each day, fine-tune your targeting right down to the exact age and location of your ideal customer, and even just turn Internet traffic on and off! It’s also compatible with a huge range of other platforms and software, including most CRM systems, mailing systems like MailChimp or Constant Contact, e-commerce platforms and more. It can just slot in seamlessly and drive traffic where you want it to. Just as two businesses aren’t the same, neither are two AdWords campaigns.



Cost Effective

Google AdWords is still, hands down, one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising online there is. The reason for this is simple – you pay what you want to pay. Depending on what keywords you’re targeting, you can choose exactly how much you’re willing to spend, and cap it at that. With ads priced per click, you can set your upper limit and let Google do the hard work for you. Ads can start at just £0.01, so if you’re savvy, you can really make your money work hard. When you get used to how it all works, you can start to think outside the box and choose keywords that are less competitive, giving you more chances to be found for your money. And because it’s all done on Google, you can see the exact ROI you get from your campaigns, helping you decide what’s worth continuing and what you need to change. There has never been a more effective way to spend your marketing budget.



Fast, Transparent Results

Google is all about giving you full visibility into your campaigns and their results. Google AdWords don’t hide the data in layers of menus for you to seek out. Instead, you can access all the information you need from one dashboard, which will give you a clear overview of exactly how your campaigns are performing. This means that you can be much quicker to adapt to changes in the market, in your customer base or even in Google themselves. With just one click you can see which ads have been clicked on how many times, who clicked on them, where they went and what keywords they entered to find you – all of which is marketing gold dust. With such a transparent approach, it’s never been easier to analyse the progress of a marketing campaign.


At Ad-Extra, we understand just how valuable Google AdWords can be to your marketing efforts. But we also understand how time-consuming it can be to set up, run and measure all of this when you have another job to do. That’s why we’re here. We offer a fully managed Google AdWords service, so you can just sit back and watch the leads roll in while we do all the hard stuff. If you’d like to know more, just get in touch with the Ad-Extra team today and book your free consultation.