Today, we want to take the big concept of Google, SEO and getting found online, and break it down into something much, much smaller. After all, everything is easier to manage in bite-sized chunks! So this post is going to be all about local Google search. What it is, how it works and why you should be bothering with it.


What Is Local Search Optimisation?

Basically, local search optimisation is all about making sure your website is found in local search results. That doesn’t mean that those searches have been done through any special search engine for local businesses – it literally just means search queries that are typed in around your area. Local search encompasses all those search terms that just scream ‘local’, like:

  • Lawyers near me
  • Doctor near me
  • Hypnotherapist in [city name]
  • Nutritionist in [town or village name]

Essentially, local search is all about getting local brick-and-mortar businesses found on Google ahead of big national companies.

Why Is Local Search Important?

Local search is incredibly important for both customer and business, but we’re not going to ask you to take our word for it. Instead, we have some lovely facts and figures for you, direct from Google themselves:

  • 50% of people who did a local search on their mobile phone went into a physical shop within 1 day.
  • 34% who did a local search on their computer or tablet did the same.
  • 18% of mobile searches led to a sale for the business within 1 day.
  • 60% of adults conduct searches for local services on their smartphones.
  • 50% of searchers on mobile are actively looking for things like a local business’s address.
  • 78% of local searches on mobile ended in an offline sale.
  • 71% of people said they searched for the location of a local business before they visited to confirm its existence.
  • 1 in 3 mobile searches for businesses were done just before arriving at the shop.
  • 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12% doing so every day.


Really, the facts speak for themselves. Your customers are looking to buy from local businesses, and want to find you online. Local search optimisation simply makes it easy for them do that. While certain industries will see more of a return from local SEO efforts (like taxi firms, plumbers and dentists offices, for example), pretty much every business can benefit from it.


How Does Local Search Optimisation Work? 

When it comes to local SEO, it isn’t too different from your normal organic SEO. You will need to do some keyword research, create relevant content using those keywords, cultivate internal and external links, and make sure your on-page technical SEO is all correct. The only difference is you have a clear, local focus. This will often mean working the location you’re targeting into the content, metadata and links. In other words – get ready to use your local town name a lot.


Your Google My Business listing plays a big part in local search as well. Google My Business and Google Maps listings are displayed alongside paid ads and organic search results at the top of Google page 1, so having them in place can make a big difference. If a customer is looking for a business within a specific area, having your pin on the map means you will be found easily. Having a Google My Business listing that showcases your work, where you are and your reviews goes a long way to boosting your conversion and getting more local sales.


At Ad-Extra, we always encourage our customers to look at their local advertising strategies before they branch out into anything wider. We help business owners set up and optimise their Google My Business listings, and run Google AdWords campaigns that are targeted to their local area. With our help, your business could appear at the top of Google in local search, when and where you want it to. To find out more, just get in touch with us today.