Disapproved Ads on Google

If you run a Google AdWords campaign, you’ve probably run into a few problems with disapprovals over the years. Or maybe you haven’t until the last month or two – when every ad you post seems to be coming back as rejected. This is incredibly frustrating, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Ads disapprovals are a hot topic at the moment as Google struggles to fix the glitches  that have been rejected millions of ads, so we wanted to take a look at how the approval process works, and why your ad might have been disapproved.


How Does The Ad Approval Process Work? 

Before any ad can be displayed, Google first has to approve it. Once you create the ad, Google’s software will automatically review the content in your ad, including your headline, description, keywords, destination and any images and video. While this process is taking place, your ad will be labelled as ‘under review’. Most ads are reviewed within 1 working day, and then they will be approved and shown, or disapproved. Generally, if you’ve followed all the rules, your ad should be disapproved.


What Does An Ad Being Disapproved Mean? 

If your ad has been disapproved, it means that it has violated one of the Google Ads policies and won’t be shown. If you click on the ‘status’ column, then you can usually find out why your ad was disapproved and fix it. You will need to keep an eye on your ads, since there will be no notification to tell you Google has made a decision. If your ad has been disapproved, it will not be shown on Google until you adjust it.


How Does It Happen?

A Google Ad could be disapproved for a number of reasons. Almost too many to mention in fact. But a few of the more common reasons include:

  • Mentioning copyrighted material
  • Inappropriate themes or content
  • Your phone number is included
  • You’re over the word limit
  • Using all caps or too many exclamation marks

We‘ve talked about these reasons (and what you can do to avoid them) in previous blogs, which you can read here and here.

But over the last month or two, you could be forgiven for being a little confused if your ads have been disapproved even if you’re not breaking any of these rules. This is mainly because Google changed a lot of their policies at the beginning of July, so that they could comply with a new regulation. These changes had a bit of an unintended side effect – millions of Google Ads were suddenly disapproved. Ads that had been running for years without problems were taken offline and flagged, without any visible reason. And anyone trying to get these ads reapproved faced an uphill battle with the customer service team that rarely ended in success. In other words, the entire system fell down. Some industries were hit worse than others, with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies facing the worst of it.


What Can I Do About It? 

So, what can you do about your ad being disapproved? Well, if you’ve spotted one of the disapproval reasons in your ad, the simplest thing to do is remove it and rework your ad. But if you’re a little confused and can’t work out where you’ve gone wrong, don’t worry. You may not have gone wrong at all. In fact, you may have fallen victim to the disapproval glitch. If you think you fall into this camp, then you have 2 options. 1- go through Google customer services (which we don’t recommend), or 2 – hire in an expert to help you.


At Ad-Extra, we’ve been working non-stop with our clients to fix this glitch, which has impacted the world of SEO and AdWords for almost everyone. Our experts know exactly what to do to get your previously approved ads displaying again, and how to create new ads that will attract and convert customers. If you’d like to find out more, just get in touch with the team today.