When you’re running a Google Ads campaign, there are a lot of balls to keep in the air. You need to be looking at your keywords, checking links and using the right images. But you also need to make sure that when your ad does convert to a click – it goes to the right place. That right place is called a landing page, and its job is to turn a click into a sale. Landing pages are a critical part of Google Ads success, and so today we want to talk a little bit about how to get them right. We’ve put together 6 tips from our years of experience that can help you create great landing pages that convert every time.


Keep it Clean 

The look, feel and overall structure of your landing page will arguably have the biggest impact on the effectiveness of your landing page. Too much information can be confusing and overwhelming for your readers – too little and they don’t know enough to buy. A good landing page provides the information a customer needs to make a decision, without going into too much detail. Big blocks of text are split up by headings and subheadings to help users skim the page and find the answers they need. Images are scattered throughout to grab attention, and all of it is well balanced, rather than randomly arranged.


Include Calls to Action 

Conversion 101 – you need a call to action. Calls to action tell your prospects what you want them to do, and give them a way to do it. Putting calls to action on your landing page is a great way to move people further into your site and closer to hitting the ‘buy’ button – by getting them to subscribe, signing up or entering their email. For these calls to action, keep them simple, specific and completely irresistible. Pay attention to where you put them as well – positioning is everything. Breaking up your copy into smaller blocks, using headings and bullet points broken up by clear calls to action makes them much more effective – and requires no effort on your part.


Cut Back on the Links 

Links are generally a good thing on Google – but like most good things, you can go too far. If you’re using lots and lots of links on your landing pages, you need to cut down on them right now. Because while internal linking should be a part of your SEO strategy, it has absolutely no place on a landing page. This is because any link leading off the page is going to cause a distraction, and this can dramatically reduce your chances of converting your hard-earned leads into customers. For marketers, the purpose of using a landing page is to generate a lead via email, phone or contact form. If you have links to other interesting articles, sites or pages, you are encouraging users to navigate away instead of on convert. Your dedicated landing page is designed for one purpose only: to convert.


Include a Testimonial 

Testimonials are a fantastic tool that, in our opinion, are hugely underutilised by most businesses. Seeing is believing, and customers are more likely to believe kind words from your customers than persuasive ones of yours So when you’re putting your campaign together, look to include a few customer testimonials that show the value your existing customers see in your product or service. This can make a real difference when it comes to converting, and it’s often the first thing people will look for when deciding if they should buy from you. You could even use a quote from the review as a headline, and include the positive rating the customer gave your product.


Focus on the Offer

A landing page isn’t like general web copy. It has a very specific purpose and goal. Whether that’s to request a whitepaper, get a lead to sign up for a free trial or convert directly into a sale – you want the people who reach that page to do something. Keep that goal in mind when you’re writing your landing pages, and make that the focus of the content. For a landing page to invite more traffic there is a need for clear, relevant and compelling offers. User should clearly understand what you are selling. Try mentioning a few features about your offer that compel users to take an immediate decision and yield results quickly. Make sure your content matches the offer.


Be Consistent 

When it comes to winning over customers, consistency is key. This means making sure there isn’t any sort of mismatch between what the ad promises and what the landing page delivers. So if your ad talks about a specific style of shoe, our landing page should be all about that style of shoe – rather than taking the user to a generic page about all the shoes you sell. This is why we recommend unique landing pages for each of your campaigns, instead of relying on what you have in place already. It allows you to fully control the message, and sends the right messages to Google about your ads (so they will show up more often).


Since landing pages are such an important part of your Google Ads success, it’s only fair that we help you with them. At Ad-Extra, we provide a fully managed Google Ads service, taking care of every element of your Ad campaigns, from set up to conversion. Our experts can work with you to craft compelling landing pages that are unique to each campaign, dramatically improving the chances of conversion. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today.